Tuesday, 24 February 2015

-Story Board-

This is my idea of what I would like to produce as my music video.

The first page is the starting of the music video opening with the opening credits and the opening of my artist as she is about to start singing her song. The second page shoes that we see our actors that i want to have inn my music video and then it goes back to the artist as the audience need to be reminded that it is the artist that is singing the song.

The third page shows the second bit of the music video where it is building up to the phone scene where the boy and girl actors are having a cute phone conversation. The fourth page is alternating between the artist and the actors.

The fifth page is still alternating between the artist and the actors but the last scene is of the actors together. The last page is the ending of the music video, the actors are together and the artist is the last to be shown as she is singing in her music video.

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