Thursday, 26 February 2015

-Picking a Poster Picture-

I am required to produce a poster that goes with my Digipak. From the pictures that i took for my Digipak, i have the decision of picking my Poster picture from the range that i have. Here are some of the photos that i am thinking of making my Poster picture.

I noticed that i like most pictures of my artist standing up. I would like her to be posing, her hair shown and her face clear.

I have decided to use this picture for my Poster:

I chose this picture to use for my Poster because she looks professional in the sense that she took instruction well and her pose is strong. I made sure to brink her hair forward so that we can see how well it suits her. I will need to crop the block on the right and make sure that picture is not stretched. I also need to add my text, add all the relevant information and the Digipak front cover on there as well. 

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