Wednesday, 25 February 2015

-Editing them both together-

 These are me editing my new footage. I felt like i had to do this because i wanted to produce a decent music video.
 I decided to do a spilt screen to add a range of different elements into my music video. So far it looked good.

 I took on the feedback that i need more shots of the boy asking the girl for her number. i have a range of different shots that i can and have used in my music video.

 I even took some copse ups of both of the actors as they are having a conversation.
 We can now see their facial expressions to relate more to them during the music video.
 I redid my artist footage to get some more shots. This shot is of her looking up into the camera singing. 
This shot is of my artist singing while sitting down on a chair.

 This shot is of my artist standing up while the camera captures her in a long shot.
This is the re-film of one of the last scenes of the boy and girl getting closer.
Lastly, i captured my singing artist in an angle with her framed on the right where there is black space on the left to give my shots more of variety. 

Overall this editing process was hard because my editing skills are not very good but i tried to invision it how i would like to see it. i believe that i have got a good narrative and my artists performance is believable. 

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