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Thursday 11.08.14
Advances in technology turned music videos in what it is today. Music videos have been around since 1920. Famous Jazz musicians such as Bessie Smith who sung St Louis Blues, made short films to accompany popular songs which was a new thing back then.

In 1965 Bob Dylan also made a short film for his song Subterranean Homesick Blues. It was created as one of the first modern music video which
was a form of lyric videos like we have in modern days on
YouTube where people can upload anything so that people
all over the world can watch them.

Pop music TV shows in 1970: the record industry discovers
TV shows which are a great opportunity to promote 
their artists. They focus on producing short 'promos' early
music videos started to replace the live performance of 
the artist on the TV stage. However some videos do not have
artists in it but other people and things which could 
be considered as a new genre that is coming out. For example Sia Chandelier. In the image on the left, the narrative is conducted by the little girl in a wig dancing. The artist is not shown at all even though she is a new artist. 

Bohemian Rhapsody 1975: the ground breaking video released
by Queen. At the beginning of the video the era is set (1970s). The video was one of the first to use advanced visual effects which was exciting in 1975 and still is exciting. At that time the 
video would have been controversial like today Blurred Lines is 
controversial with the type of video they shot.

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