Wednesday, 25 February 2015

-1st Draft Music Video Pitch & Feedback-

From the footage that i managed to get. I edited them together in the beat of the music synchronised. I think that my first draft was a success as i had to develop my ability to edit and my ability to know what i planned to put to action. However it is not perfect as some of the shots are too long. i feel like i need a range of shots from my artist and i only have about three. I may add some more. I do think that i need to improve it by shortening the shots and putting them more to the beat even though the beat is fast.

My class gave me some feed back that i need to take into consideration:

They liked the basketball scene, my use of jump cut and the
lip synching. However they said that i need more footage perhaps to make the music video have more substance to it.

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