Tuesday, 24 February 2015

-Location & Costume-

The location for this Digipack will be at my school, in the drama room. I wanted it to be in the drama room as the walls are painted black which will make my artist stand out with whatever she wears. The room as special lighting as performances are held there so my staging should be good. It has chairs that I can use and stools that my artist can sit and pose on.

I was thinking to do the photos for my Digipak somewhere outside but i thought that because of the weather (windy and cold) I wouldnt be able to capture my artists facial expressions like i want to so inside was the best choice as it is more reliable for me to get some decent shots for my Digipak.

These are some of my clothing ideas that i believe will work for an RnB artist.
The first one is of a dress which i quite different than a normal RnB artist dress. I decided to make it shorter and cuter than extravagant and boot heels. The second outfit is of a nice skirt with a crop top and low shoes. The third outfit is of a long lace skirt with a crop top to show my artists shape with heels. And lastly, a pink dress with heels.

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