Wednesday, 25 February 2015

-Adding Pictures to my Digipak-

On Friday in my 2 hour lesson i got a chance to view and start to create my Digipak.
 I want to have two CDs so that i can do a bonus CD or an extra feature to make my artist more appealing to her audience through a Digipak that has something extra. 

This is the Digipak outline net that i am going to use, this one has two so that i can add a bonus CD to it.

I started by choosing an image and resizing it then placing in on one of the boxes.
Then i choose another one and another one and another one and did the same as the first image.

These pictures in the panels are not final and i may change them around to see what looks best. As some images may look the same (standing up pictures, sitting down pictures) i may pick really different pictures to show the range of photos that i took to show the different sides to my artist. 

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