Thursday, 26 February 2015

-Editing my Digipak-

I have changed around the pictures for the Digipak. I felt that each image has to be something different and unique to the other one. One is with her kneeling on the floor with one leg out to show her legs and shoes. Another that is on the side of her body showing the side of her face and her unique hair. That middle one of her standing up posing while there is space on the left of her which is where i am going to put my track listing. Lastly the front cover is of her sitting down on a stool with her leg out and her hair different. i chose this image to be my front cover because traditional Rnb artist front covers have a close up of the artist. However i decided that i don't want to do that. |i wanted to pick a cover that is unique but just as strong as a close up image. 

These are the different stages of what i did to produce my digipak, including the CDs. 

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