Wednesday, 25 February 2015

-Change of Plan-

Me and my teacher was talking about my narrative. I came up with three different stories in different age stages, little kids, teenagers and grown ups. I wanted to show the different relationships they have but in their generation.

One story would be of little kids (a boy and girl) getting close in the sense that they have crushes on each other.
The other story will be showing the journey of teenagers getting into a relationship.
And the third story will be of grown ups already in a relationship, showing their lives.

However I realised that my idea was not practical because it would take a long time to film it. I would have had to have three different types of footage. This was unrealistic as the music video song is only over three minutes and to show the mini story wont be effective in showing what I want to show especially when I have an artist that needs to be shown as well.

After close consideration I have decided to stick to one couple to show their journey to a relationship.
I decided to have teenagers show the progression of their building relationship into a more romantic/emotional one.

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