Wednesday, 25 February 2015


For the boy in my music video, the first outfit i would like him to wear is basketball wear which consists of a vest top and some shorts. The second outfit will be a shirt with jeans. Then at the end, the outfit will go back to the basketball wear but different. However it doesn't really matter what he is wearing as boys tend to just hang out in whatever they feel comfortable in.

For the girl in my music video, the first outfit will be worn at the start when she sees the boy playing basketball. The second outfit will be used as she is talking to the boy on the phone and the third outfit will be near the end when she is with the boy.
I used the website Polyvore to create these outfits which may change because it all depends on what my artist and actors already have which is what i will work with.

These clothing ideas help me organise what i would like my actors to look like.

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