Wednesday, 25 February 2015


These two pictures are the location setting that i would like to base half of my music video in. This place is close to my house and it is a free basketball court so i don't need any permissions to film on it. I chose this as in some music videos e.g J.Cole Work Out they have basketball scenes where the boy and girl meet. Mine is not going to be exactly like that but it will be on the lines of it. 

This is another location which is in my house. This scene is where the girl actor is talking to the boy on the phone. I picked to do it in this type of setting so that we can have a relaxed feel to the music video as the girl is in her natural everyday setting. I chose this as it is easy access to use it whenever i like. I didn't have the hassle off having to ask for permission to film in a place that isn't mine. 

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