Tuesday, 24 February 2015

-Flat Plan Digipak-

This is my idea of what I want my Digipak to look like and the layout.

The first panel on the left will be my artist sitting on a block looking at the camera. Her body will be posing and put into a positing that will look good with her outfit and the professional look i am going for. 
The second panel in the middle is my track listing space. I will put all of the artists songs and a bonas track as well. There will be an image there of my artist by it will be positioned to the right so that the text can fit.
The third panel on the right will be my front cover. I would like to capture my artists features and show them to the audience by a close up. In that panel the name of my artist needs to be clear and readable.
The bottom left panel, i would like to have another but different close up to show my artist. 
The bottom middle and right panels are going to be where the CDs are going to be. One will be the main CD and the other will be a special promotion CD that will give it something special. 

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