Tuesday, 24 February 2015

-Pitch & Feed Back-

This is my audience profile. It is a brief description of what my artist is aiming for and what the type of people my artist have are like. I have added my mood board in with it to give a feel of my artist. I have a synopsis of what my music video will contain. My story board is included as well. Goodwin's Elements are explained and questioned. 


I made my Animatic with my story board in sync to the beat and how i want the pace and feel of the music video to be. This is essential so that i can see what the music video is going to look like by the stills.

Feedback Sheet

I showed my class my pitch and they gave me some feedback on what i am doing right, what they liked and what i could improve:

What is working well so far is that i have the RnB genre evident, i have used Goodwins elements good and my narrative is clear. Things that i need to develop is to include the record label. And things that i need to work on is the location shot and first shoot.

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