Tuesday, 24 February 2015

-Codes and Conventions of chosen Genre-

I made a Genre Brainstorm of different Genres to give me an idea of what they include.
From this overall genre brainstorm, i have decided that my genre is out of Pop and RnB.
Below I have looked at the two genres separately and found out some things that are the same.

From this Venn Diagram, I have decided that i am going to be producing a RnB Digipak and poster.

I picked out some features from different artist that i am influenced by for my artist:

Rihanna:26, Barbados/New York City, Def Jam Roc Nation, Sexual (provocative), Stylish (Coloured hairstyles, Fashionable, Street look), Role model, Tattoos, Controversial, Party animal, Love songs, Ghetto, Dance moves, HipHop.
Songs that influence me: Unfaithful, Take a Bow, Hat How Much I Love You

Jordin Sparks:24,Phoenix Arizona, Jive, RCA Louder than life, Reserved, Love songs, Ballads, Not too exposed, Sweet and innocent, Sophisticated.
Songs that influence me: One Step At A Time, Battlefield

Keyshia Cole:32, California, Interscope Imani, Love songs, Stylish, Hoop earrings, Tattoos, Ghetto, Heavy makeup, Jewellery, Nose piercing, Changing hairstyles-coloured.
Songs that influence me: Trust, Love, Heaven Sent

Ciara:28, Texas Atlanta, Jive, Epic, Street-HipHop, Dance moves, Glamorous, Ghetto, Soft voice.
Songs that influence me: Like a Boy, Promise, And I

K. Michelle:30, Memphis, Atlantic, Jive, Changing different coloured hair, Soft voice, Love songs, Tattoos, Jewellery, Stylish-sophisticated, Hoop earrings.
Songs that influence me: Cant do this, V.S.O.P, Cant Raise A Man

From all of these influences i have decided that my artist will be:
-25 years of age
-LA,New York
-Love Songs
-Nose Piercing
- Dance moves
-Hoop Earrings
-Soft Voice

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