Wednesday, 25 February 2015

-Logo Research-

I have noticed that RnB artists do not really have proper logos. But what they do have is consistency. Their artist name has always been the same but nowadays more developed but surely still the same. Here are some examples:

I want my font to be like these artists, the writing looks personalised to their style like i want mine to be. I need to make sure my font is up to date with modern society as the albums on the left are past albums and the ones on the right are recent.

So i want my font will be my logo.

What i did was, i went on a font website (dafont) and i found a font called Bizarre which looks like Rihanna's font that she consistently uses. I decided that i could put my artists initials on top of each other to give a logo that is small recognisable and different. I also experimented with my original font Madamoiselle Camille which is a swirly skinny font which looks sophisticatedly soft.

These are my ideas that i have come up with. After close deliberation, i chose my original font Mademoiselle Camille to do the initials for my artist. However i edited the font by taking away all of the swirly bits so that it is easy to read and personalised to my artist. 

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