Sunday, 29 March 2015

-Evaluation Question 1-

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? 


Goodwin’s theory was used in my music video to an extent. The first element of Goodwin’s theory is the music and lyrics. This means that the music and lyrics can correlate with each other but they do not have to. In my music video I used this element wherethe lyrics goes ‘your the number one topic on the phone’ I edited my music video footage for the girl and the boy to be on the phone as the lyrics states having a real conversation with each other. I did this so that the audience feels like they are engaging in the journey with the boy and the girl. Next is music and visuals. I tried to make the editing of the footage in beat with the music which means that I have a lot of cuts in the music video which I can say that it is somewhat synchronous. The music and visuals also have good pacing as every time the beat came, I tried to cut the footage to a different one to give a range of shots. I do not have that much close ups of my artist but I have a lot of mid close ups which shows off my artists features and performance. Typically this is done to show the personality of the artist. It also shows the character that the artist has to play as they are lip syncing. My music video has voyeurism as we are looking in the female’s perspective as she is looking at the boy playing basketball and as the boy briefly looks at the girl.The male gaze theory by Mulvey is shown as second half of the music video you can clearly see my artist’slegs and her lace top of my artist which might be appealing to the man. For the intertexual reference, everyone can relate to a relationship of some sort, whether it is romantic or not, everything happens in stages like my music video. Most people who are in a relationship probably started off first meeting and getting contact numbers, then meeting up, then getting closer then lastly in a proper committed romantic relationship. My costume for my actors was to be causal clothing as it wouldn’t make sense for them to be all dressed up considering my narrative of them being teenagers and to be getting together. I wanted my artist to wear a dress but not an extravagant one as I always had a light Rnb artist in my mind. I mean that she is not interested in all of the extravagant things but more interested in her music which is reflected I her choice of clothing. I challenged the costume, money and cars conventions of an Rnb music video but successfully applied jewerly and make up. The second half of the music video I told my artist to wear a skirt with a white lace top as my theme changed from purple to red, white and black. My music video has a clear narrative of a boy and girl in three different stages of becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. Some of the scenes like he basketball one, I was influenced by J.Cole Work it Out where he has a basketball scene. The influence of the record label was to show off the image of my artist by using elements of Goodwin’s Theory. I applied most of Goodwin’s elements into my music video with my own ideas and style by capturing the footage and directing to my artist ad actors exactly what I wanted. Overall my music video was a success as I took into consideration all of my influences and Goodwin’s elements.

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